Welcome to the latest issue of 🥳

Hope your year started with a bang and you successfully survived Januworry 🔥

We're back at it again after a brief hiatus last week with other commitments consuming most of my time.

Some of the feedback received since the last issue was on the volume on content curated. So in this issue I'll stick to an upper limit of 5 links per section 🤞

This is the first issue of the year. I had planned on getting it out sooner, but my focus was 100% on a design sprint we ran with a client.

I'm still under the cosh, but I'm keen to get things up and running again. My list of links is insanely long with all the time that's passed since the last issue.

Please continue to chip in by sending anything of interested to [email protected]

Yours truly 🤗




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